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One Thing You Forgot To Thank God For #awesomebrand

How often have you thanked God for having normal limbs? I'm guessing close to never.

We have taken some blessings granted. We are drowned into a lot of responsibilities, distractions, lists and people that we tend to overlook the simple things that make daily living bearable and convenient.

Disability is a very personal matter to me. I have loved ones who are unfortunate enough to suffer from such. If it's random science or God's challenge, I will never know. What I can say is that they are a million times stronger than I am for enduring such hardship with grace. All the love and compassion you have may not be enough, but give it anyway.

Implementing laws such as prioritizing them on public transportation, places of worship and establishments or making sure your building complies with accessibility may never be enough. They would need more access to affordable healthcare and education, protection against discrimination in the workplace, equal employment opportunities and pr…

Why Cebu has the Best Disco Light in the World #AwesomeBrand

I just recently stumbled on this great new ad by the Department of Tourism. They have done such a great job in marketing the country under the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign conceptualized with BBDO Guerrero, the famous ad agency who saved the country from the Kay Ganda plagiarism shame.

This 30 seconder is one of a bunch which they aired abroad featuring my hometown, Cebu, the most beautiful island in the world. Bias aside, this island boasts of the best of both worlds: developed modern urban living and ultimate nature-tripping.

What better way to entease the world to book their holidays to Cebu, Philippines than through using familiar icons of the developed nations by using the bait ball of sardines underwater as a reference to a disco ball which coincidentally appeals to young global travelers who wish to have fun. It would've been better if the diver danced too anyway. Genius in the details. Hats off BBDO and DOT!

Consistent advertising in this type of visual po…

How Nickelodeon Excites Kids and Kids at Heart in Manila

Nickelodeon is presenting kids with an exhilarating new interactive brand crusade built around their favorite Nickelodeon stars – Nickelodeon Slime Cup!

Fronted by Slime Cup Ambassador, SpongeBob SquarePants, four teams consisting of Nickelodeon’s’ most popular characters will be clashing it out to take home the sought-after prize – the Nickelodeon Slime Cup trophy.

The 14-week multi-territory, multi-platform event will drive involvement across both Nickelodeon channels and digital sites; moreover, the Slime Cup will come to life in choice markets, through specially created merchandising, funfair and mall experiences and events.

“Slime Cup provides Nickelodeon’s audience with a brand new way to interact with the stars they love, while providing clients and partners with an exciting new brand initiative, to help them connect with their audiences”, said Mark Levine, Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon International Marketing & Communications. “Our expertise, depth of great content, a…

How Cebuana Lhuillier Celebrated 25 Years

Cebuana Lhuillier has yet again proved itself at the top of their game as they had the whole town talking with Pistahang Cebuana! 

All roads led to Cebu Coliseum last September 14 as they bring together the country’s brightest music legends, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista in an exclusive members’ only concert.
What better way to celebrate the amazing 25 years of Cebuana Lhuillier’s amazing Pawning and Remittance Service and a lot of other top notch financial services than through a night of world-class Filipino talent.
As joy reverberates all over the stadium, Cebuana Lhuillier’s 24K Cebuana members were all treated to a chance of bringing home great cash and wonderful prizes from the raffle draws and pre-event party playoffs.

Looking back through the years and the millions of lives changed, including yours truly, because of their top-notch innovation in services assisting Filipinos in great times of need, I am wishing Cebuana Lhuillier more successes in the future.

World’s Largest Chess Tournament to be held in CEBU! Registration Deadline Jan.19; more than 50,000 registered participants now recorded

It’s the grandest Chess event in history!  More than 40, 000 registered participants are now recorded in the most ambitious chess program in the country.  A series of eliminations began last October 2011, which will culminate in two weeks.

Nearly 4,000 finalists will converge at the Grand Finals during the first “Cebu Chess Festival: World’s Largest Chess Tournament” on January 21, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at the Cebu City Sports Center Grand Stand and on January 22, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at the Cebu City Sports Center Gym.

The first “Cebu Chess Festival: World’s Largest Chess Tournament” is organized by the Cebu City Sports Commission in cooperation with the Cebu City Government, Department of Education Region VII and the Philippine Sports Commission.

Generous sponsors such as Julie’s Bakeshop, Bioderm, International Pharmaceuticals Inc., Rose Pharmacy, Virginia Foods Inc. and the University of Cebu have thrown their support to make this noble program successful.

David Beckham LA Galaxy 6-1 win in Manila

I am not really well-versed on sports let alone doing sports betting. But having heard that football superstar David Beckham went to Manila did interest every one. I  just read on Yahoo! News that he played with children rescued from the streets in Manila yesterday. I should know how dangerous the streets are; with the tales that our poor brothers and sisters tell me everytime we do church outreach programs, it just troubles me so much as to how vices and crime could ruin the lives even of the young. David Beckham and his team were at a UNICEF supported government center playing with the kids.

What was also great was the fact that he played with the Philippine Football team, The Azkals, in a ‘friendly’ just today with a 6-1 win. Noteworthy was the reaction of Philippine coach Micheal Weiss who gave a long face to show how unhappy he was. I mean, it really is acceptable. The PBA never won against NBA when they went here. Not that I suffer from inferiority complex but it just makes sens…

Amazing Cebu launches Foodhunt with Kate

Cebu is beginning to be a world class city; and an awesome way to celebrate that, is producing not just shows, but channels that offers the best of THE island. Amazing Cebu does that quite well.

Amazing Cebu has just launched a sports and lifestyle show named Amazing Sports. This time, they are launching a show, where you not only get to see "recipes deconstructed, familiar old and new traditions," but at the same time revel in exotic places in Cebu. Amazing Cebu Channel 54 launches Foodhunt with Kate!

It is being hosted by Ms. Kate Dychangco-Anzani where she deconstructs Cebuano recipes and adds her own touch to make them upscale and snazzy, at the same time, immersing in beautiful places worth visiting around Cebu. She is a mother, a restaurateur and a powerful businesswoman; a mutli-faceted TV personality who best portrays the modern empowered Cebuana.

It was launched in Radisson Blu last November 26, 2011 right after the Visayas Blogging Summit ended. As of this writing, …

Top Cebu athletes to host Amazing Sports TV Show

The sports tourism of Cebu is gonna get better as Amazing Cebu channel will launch Amazing Sports. The young dynamic hosts who are top athletes themselves will feature their adventures and sporting events in the island. 

Places to see and activities to do, the show will focus more on sports and leisure and the exhilarating stuff that comes with it as everyone deserves to know.

A press launch was held at Kartzone Mabolo last November 8, 2011 where Cebu sports writers and online publishers were invited to meet the hosts, staff and crew of Amazing Sports for a day of food and karting.

Cebu media officially assembles to fight malnutrition | 1st MIND 7 General Assembly

Finding champions to educate and promote proper nutrition in the country, MIND 7 was conceived through the efforts of the National Nutritional Council (NNC) Region 7.

Our government has acknowledged the need for the media sector to empower their efforts in fighting the biggest wars we have been facing, poverty and malnutrition because a healthy nation is wealthy in many ways.

And what better way to realize that vision than through gathering top stakeholders from every media organization to easily disseminate and organize different efforts to address these issues.

MIND 7 has come a long way from the first meeting we had.

MIND 7 actually stands for Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development for Region 7.

The first meeting conceived was in Crown Regency where PIOs, journalists and media practioners including yours truly graced the first Consultative Meeting in finding out ways on how we can fight poverty through showcasing community health practices.

Read more about the first …

The hero that is Mark Aethen Agana

Most of us hang out at the malls or with friends and family on our weekends while there is one guy who goes to his province’s public school tutoring graduating high school kids so that they make it college and now most of his 300 students not only get access to quality college education but as well as enjoy scholarships.

It gives me so much honor to tell the story of a humble guy who has done extraordinary feats.

Mark Aethen Agana couldn’t be any more deserving to his accolade, the Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino Award. It is part of a series of awards by lined Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. which immortalizes the contributions of community leaders like Mark who make the biggest difference in other people’s lives through their own little ways.
He believes that “one person is of more value than the world.” He dedicated his weekends tutoring English, Science and Mathematics to arm his students battle through college entrance and top scholarship examinations through the organization that he co-founded,…

PACQUIAO vs MARGARITO absolutely live and FREE

PLDT myDSL users get to watch PACQUIAO vs MARGARITO on November 14, 2010 absolutely live, no commercial breaks and FREE via your PLDT Watchpad. Reserve a slot now until NOVEMBER 8, 2010 by clicking here:
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PACQUIAO and PLDT myDSL WatchPadOn November 14 at 8 a.m., PLDT myDSL Watchpad subscribers will get to experience the blow-by-blow account of the much-awaited Pacquiao-Margarito World Super Welterweight Championship as it streams live from the U.S. with no commercial breaks.Existing Watchpad users must make a reservation on before November 8 to watch Pacman’s legacy-defining fight. For myDSL subscribers who are not Watchpad users yet, simply make sure to register first and then reserve within the reservation period absolutely free.About WatchPadStreamed live on the WatchPad’s myView Channel, get a fr…

GMA’s new Lupang Hinirang Movie: Philippines’ Cinematic Gem

The Philippines is home to the richest culture known to man with history so epic, even other nations point their magnifying glass at us to study societal psychology and political makeup. GMA, one of the biggest television networks in the country has set yet another landmark in cinematic excellence by producing what could be the best Philippine National Anthem movie of all time. 

In a well-crafted filmic gem, the HD movie retells the story of the Philippines from the heroism of Lapu-lapu to the EDSA revolution.

I didn’t really know about this movie until I stumbled upon in Youtube. After much digging I found out that it was launched in Party Pilipinas last August 22, 2010. How on earth could I have missed it? It gave me chills second after second and I could never be more proud to be a Filipino and I have GMA to thank.

Leading the pack is Richard Gutierrez, cast in the role of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, looking elegant and every inch a gentleman of the old school, while Dingdong Dante…

3rd Rotaract Tea Talk: on Cebu Bloggers Society, cosplaying and money

Afternoon of September 4th, socio-civic youth had flocked at the Café Uno Annex of Waterfront for the 3rd Tea Talk: The New Generation. It is organized by Rotaract Cebu Fuente Community Based and Rotaract Cebu University of San Carlos Chapter. Covered by Media Partners including ABS-CBN, SkyCable and Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), the event aims to promote the organization’s activities for September dubbed as their New Generation Month. WHY TEA TALK?Tea, coffee and light snacks were served all throughout the afternoon as we engage in a talkshow-like atmosphere. Speakers and interviewees take center stage as tackle on topics that best concerns the new generation which includes finances, blogging, promoting arts through theater and movies, cosplaying and the upcoming Rotary New Generation’s Web Conference. This year, Café Uno at Waterfront Cebu and Casino became the venue for this society oriented gathering. FinancesThe speaker was Jon Fredrich Siu, a financial adviser who works at IMG…

Citta di Mare: Best thing to happen to Cebu officially announced

Imagine “a new city rises in Cebu.”
Imagine leisurely saunters by the boardwalk, an al fresco lunch by the sea, dancing the night away at the beachfront concert, imagine living a lifestyle most of us could only dream about. This becomes a reality as Filinvest officially announces a project dubbed to bring the charms of the Newport Beach, California; Darling Harbour, Sydney; Fisherman’s Wharf and the French Riviera all to Cebu.

CITTA DI MARE Pronounced as Cheetah-di-mah-reh, it literally means “City by the Sea.”
It will improve Cebu’s image as a premier tourist destination in Asia as the project will span most of the South Road Properties, some 50.6 hectares to be exact designed with fun in mind to every meter of it.
It will feature a waterfront lifestyle strip and a residential resort town bounded by majestic views of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountainous areas.
Basically this large-scale project is geographically divided into two parts:

Il CorsoTakes full advantage of the coas…