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Extreme Cantabaco Rock Climbing Dare

After much encouragement from my friend and former colleague, Rey, I have decided to escape my way to join Couchsurfers from all over Cebu to enjoy the mega exhausting rock climbing activity. I didn't exaggerate when I said that it was that bone breaking because, mind you, every inch of your body is gonna hurt so bad the next day it would take a considerable amount of time to even just lift a spoon. This happens to people especially for someone who, like me, only has internet surfing as sports. 

I highly recommend everyone to prepare yourself for the ultimate fun and gallons of sweat breaking that is bound to entangle once you make your way to the town in the south, Toledo City.

After hopping aboard a V-Hire in Cebu City Citilink Terminal, I have reunited with Pryle, a fellow CAT officer in high school who I've never seen after graduating. We all found ourselves in a road trip of a lifetime. Going to the rock climbing site in Cantabaco was a breeze with scenic views on one sid…

Epiphany at Cebu's Highest Peak | Osmena Peak

They say that life is a tumultuous climb to the peak. I go the other way. It’s actually a blissful trek if you just take everything in and be in the moment.
After much encouragement from my former colleague, Rey, I found myself completely unprepared for a climb to the highest peak in Cebu. I was definitely gasping for air at some moments but I was glad that my semi-fit physique made it through. 

Nonetheless, I was even lucky to have met new friends as well, Din, Cez, Anton and Gizelle as well as folks from Canada, Germany and Japan. It was indeed a multi-cultural exchange and everyone was in the mood for picture taking and long talks. 

I was really scared when I learned that it was the highest peak that we are planning to trek on, but when we got there, the cool wind, the awesome views took away all the qualms and we didn’t even notice that we have reached the actual crest itself; even the lovely German couple laughed when I told them that it was the last stop already. The star of the t…