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Live Blog: #PeaceHack in MNL Making PH a Much Safer Place!

[View the story "#PeaceHackPH changes the world" on Storify]

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Live Blog: #PeaceHack an Event Soon To Change Philippines Forever

Imagine a world where we don't have to cower in fear. Ever.

Our country alone has its fair share of violence and the worst part is each side thinks he's doing the "right" thing.

The rebels think they are fighting for a cause. The robbers think they are feeding their family. The terrorists instilling fear in the world to awaken society. It's a shady world we live in but I just got to hand out how villains are made. And a part of me was awakened when I have learned about a tech event that takes the world of peacekeeping into something scalable, accessible and most of all effective. The usage of technology and the internet in general has changed our lives dramatically and wind sweeping every economy, culture and movements. Learn how it can change yours.

#PeaceHackPH, an event that has sprouted in different parts of the globe that has enabled thinkers, designers and engineers to create apps and similar innovations that help nations in conflict have a chance at peace…

Be a Hero: Save Thresher Sharks with a Click of Button #phsayyes #worldsayyes

Did you know that Philippines is the only country that has established a thresher shark dive industry?

just why should you care? We might be very busy going through the motions of trying to comply with what a civilized society expects of us but little do we know that by signing an online petition could make a difference to this world.

We claim we love life, love our country and love nature with our endless posts on Instagram and Facebook. But up until our actions would prove so, nothing we say now would mean anything.

By signing this petition on, which should btw take no more than a few seconds of your time, you would be declaring support to the communities in Moalboal, Cebu who depend on this diving industry to sustain their livelihood. They are still picking up the pieces after Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has crushed every piece of their lives. While I was at home sheltered through that monstrous storm, they were the ones battling it tooth and eye.

And this is personal to me s…

How to Create a #BetterWorld For Pawikans in 2 Minutes

The Pawikans have been on earth more than most of us ever did, and ever will. And we owe it to them to preserve their species since we are the very reason why they've become extinct. And ordinary people like you and me don't have to go through extraordinary lengths to make that happen because some people have taken it to their hearts to do just that.

Have you known that they actually imprint on the sands where they have hatched and will go back after a very long time to lay eggs even after circumnavigating the world? That's an unmatched loyalty you can't even compare to your last ex. Joking aside, the least we could do now is to either continue going through our little lives or support the people who takes care of creatures too meek to even defend themselves. That's exerting effort in a cause bigger than themselves.

The pawikan lived for over 200 million years, making it the oldest living reptile in the world! Congrats to Aboitiz Foundation for finding #betterways a…

Gave Up But Holding On

It’s amazing how colourful this season is in this country. With all the revelry and festivities that matches our tourism campaign, our elections are something to behold. That is why it should not surprise us that the whole world stares in awe. Unlike our predictable local primetime drama themes, Philippine elections almost always ends in a shocking twist of events that even Olivia Pope herself would be drawn into.

Amplifying people’s voices. 
If there’s anything that this political phase will prove, it is that it has been a people-driven election. After some articles that you can find online, you will realize that Filipinos are social media savvy (despite having the most expensive broadband and crippling internet speeds as per Rappler infographics). Regardless of societal class since we have affordable prepaid data offerings including Free Facebook and China smartphones, more and more people have gained access to information and have filled where traditional media has ceased to feed: …

Manila's First Ever 'ECOUTURE: Greener Design for a #BetterWorld'

I'm all about making this world a better place and it always energizes me when I get to promote efforts from people who make it happen.
One such organization is the Aboitiz Foundation, the CSR of the Aboitiz Group, one of the nation's biggest conglomerates and not too long ago they've had a big event held in Metro Manila's most fashionable mall, SM Aura to celebrate young Filipino ingenuity dubbed as Ecotoure which brings together the next who's who in the industry while utilizing materials from the different business groups.

University of the Philippines, La Salle and Asia Pacific College competing for #GreenFashionRevolution for a #betterworld Kudos to Young Pinoy Creatives! A photo posted by (@jayseeblabs) on Jan 30, 2016 at 12:12am PST
Sustainability while making pieces high-end is the goal of reusing such materials into runway-worthy clothing and accessories. And these budding fashion students from the metro's biggest unis did m…

Accenture Gave Close To Million Pesos; Awesome Apps That Will Change Philippines

Accenture “Program the Future” Competition Recognizes Top Technology Apps Developed by Students
Winning apps promote environment protection & public health Accenture in the Philippines recently concluded a competition, titled “Program the Future: The Accenture Technology Campus Challenge 2015,” that yielded innovative apps developed by high performing college students to help address environmental and public health and safety issues.

Of the nearly 80 entries received from colleges and universities across the Philippines, the top 10 overall teams were chosen — five teams each for the Games App Challenge and App of the Future Challenge categories.

The champion teams of each category won Php 200,000 and Php 250,000 worth of prizes respectively and an additional Php 50,000 for their respective schools. Meanwhile, the runner-up team for the Games App Challenge was awarded Php 100,000 worth of prizes and the runner-up for the App of the Future Challenge received Php150,000 worth of pri…

The Most Relevant Tech Startup Conference Happens in Manila

In line with its activism to bring small businesses in center of global commerce, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with the Philippine startup community, has organized Slingshot MNL, the most relevant tech startup conference in Asia today.

“Equitable and inclusive growth can only be attained when an enabling environment promotes the full participation of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in global trade,” DTI Secretary Gregory Domingo said.

Domingo, as chair of the newly organized APEC 2015 Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT), advocates the advancement of MSEs as an important part of the country’s quest to enhance regional economic incorporation and the fulfilment of fair and all-encompassing growth.

“In organizing Slingshot MNL, we aim to gather promising startups in the region and present them with potential mentors, investors, and business partners,” DTI Undersecretary Ponciano Manalo Jr. said.

SlingshotMNL will take place on July 6 to 7, 2015 at the Ph…

Have a Business Idea That Can Improve the Lives of Others? BPI Will Pay You For It!

Are you an entrepreneur with a social mission? Or maybe you have a business idea that solves a problem. 

Then make it shine bright and help improve the lives of Filipinos in the BPI Foundation Sinag Challenge

The basic aim of this challenge is to discover, recognize and support young social entrepreneurs who can help uplift Filipino communities. 

How to Apply Apply now by downloading the application form online or by directly filling out an online application form available on the contest website.

Mechanics Around 20-30 participants will move on to the Semi-Finals round wherein they will be invited to attend a 6-day Business Bootcamp. From there, ten (10) will compete in the Final Round where they will make a pitch presentation, consisting of oral and PowerPoint presentations before the panel of judges and an audience.

Prizes Five (5) winners will be rewarded with P200,000 cash + undergo a structured mentoring program over a period of 6 months + opportunity to set up an office at the …

Spain is Coming to Invade Philippines Again #awesomeph

Time has stood witness to the centuries-long bond between our country and Espana. They have colonized us long enough to instill some family values, cultural and faithful traditions that we hold so dear today. In the next few days, that bond would soon be rekindled but in a grander, more festive and flavorful way as we celebrate theMadrid Fusion Manila 2015. Check out the artsy upbeat TVC above.

About Madrid Fusion It is a yearly conference and trade show where the greatest chefs, entrepreneurs and tycoons in the industry come together and build the future of food in Madrid. We are lucky enough that Department of Tourism and SM brings it here for the locals to have a taste of the good life.

“SM is proud to be the venue of the historic Madrid Fusion Manila. We believe that one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets is our rich culinary heritage,” said Steven Tan, SM Supermalls Senior VP.
I am personally inviting you to take your love for food to the next level this April 24-26, 2015, at …

Manila's New Comfort Food Addiction

Filipino culinary virtuoso CHEF MENOY GIMENEZ introduced the “Traveler’s Menu” now available at TITO CHEF EXPRESS in Microtel Acropolis. He showcased the gourmet tastes found in the well-chosen dishes from the highlighted menu.

With the celebrated blend of classic food at reasonable prices, the new Traveler’s Menu pleased the tastes of the guests. From the luscious appetizers that elated everyone’s liking to the plentiful servings of the mains, and the satiating desserts, the well-curated menu truly mirrored the cooking panache of Chef Menoy in Tito Chef Express, which is enchantingly candid comfort food enthused from the classic preferences of every Filipino home.

Affordable and well portioned at the price of PhP 250 for each dish, the menu selection is a perfect choice for people looking for something quickly served and conveniently available anytime within the day.

From the creamy hit of Fish in Pesto Cream to the spicy kick of Salmon Ramen, the juicy punch of American Burger, the …

Beyond The Enchanting Panoramic Pine View You Shouldn't Miss

Home to one of the most gruesome stories in history, Baguio has a lot of stories to tell which has intrigued thousands of tourists year after year. A Victorian-style mansion known as White Laperal House has been known to be a place where suspected spies get tortured and killed during the World War II. This has become a quirky Bamboo museum and has been a setting for a very haunting film, White House.

The dilapidated Diplomat Hotel was a spooky part of our itinerary. The grunge texture of the abandoned structure is witness to its tragic past. As you'll walk through halls you can just imagine your hair raise as you try to take each other's portraits in the hopes of capturing a spirit on film. Urban legend has it that nuns were beheaded during the onset of the War.

Not just your ordinary university town, Baguio is like an enchanted princess all clad in gems as flowers. Romantic parks abound with spectacular panoramic views that is sure to leave you breathless. The city has become…