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Flawless Enters New Era with Digital Marketing

Just a couple of weeks before it celebrates its 11th anniversary, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, marks several milestones as it formally launches its new digital face and voice in Cebu.
Whether we like it or not, the Philippines has evolved to become one of the world’s biggest online communities. Ranking 8th among countries with the biggest number of Facebook users worldwide, the Philippines is also the 10th biggest Twitter nation with over 9.5 million active users. A great feat considering that only 30% of Filipinos have access to the Internet, these numbers served as the basis for Flawless’ most recent digital efforts.  
Flaunt Last April 2012, Flawless launched an online magazine on to replace the brand’s monthly newsletter. Aptly named “Flaunt,” the digital publication is intended to be Flawless’ signature online editorial habitat. 
“We launched Flaunt mainly to better get our message across array of audiences,” shares Rubby …

New Beginnings: The Best of Cebuano Artistry

It takes a real artist to be able to create something worth talking about: delivering a message across, evoking an emotion, showing beauty bare eyes could not see, inciting an action or inspiring a thought.
Popular belief tells us that art is the most difficult field to embark in because of its subjective nature and after working for four years in the industry, I could say it remains so.
Why Art Some convict that art is a walk in the park because it doesn't need the stereotypical technicalities and analytics. Just goes to show that these people has never gotten their hands on the tools of the artist be it digital or traditional. There is a reason why art has taken over museums all over the world grossing billions of dollars in sales, incited societal rebellions, cultural revolutions, political and worldy spiritual movements that have changed the world simply because they give value that no other field can.

My Art Career I did design for a living. I have been a Web Designer and Grap…

Epiphany at Cebu's Highest Peak | Osmena Peak

They say that life is a tumultuous climb to the peak. I go the other way. It’s actually a blissful trek if you just take everything in and be in the moment.
After much encouragement from my former colleague, Rey, I found myself completely unprepared for a climb to the highest peak in Cebu. I was definitely gasping for air at some moments but I was glad that my semi-fit physique made it through. 

Nonetheless, I was even lucky to have met new friends as well, Din, Cez, Anton and Gizelle as well as folks from Canada, Germany and Japan. It was indeed a multi-cultural exchange and everyone was in the mood for picture taking and long talks. 

I was really scared when I learned that it was the highest peak that we are planning to trek on, but when we got there, the cool wind, the awesome views took away all the qualms and we didn’t even notice that we have reached the actual crest itself; even the lovely German couple laughed when I told them that it was the last stop already. The star of the t…

Beyond Statistics: Award-Winning Ways of Battling Malnutrition in Negros Oriental

Much has been said about what the government has been doing in addressing issues the Filipino has been plagued all this time, poverty. 

One side effect poverty brings is the prevalence of malnutrition and, at times, untimely death of mothers and children in the far flung areas. A sad fact that not all of us in the city are affected on a daily basis. After seeing how the municipalities and the whole province of Bohol last year worked together to alleviate the lives of their constituents, this year was yet another exposure to the pride of the East, Negros Oriental.

It could never make me any happier to be able to reach out to the people whose lives changed because of the interventions placed by the public leaders, as I get to see the municipalities in Negros Oriental with so much hope.

Why should I care? You might ask. 

Simple. We are Filipinos. We are Christians. 
After God, we value lives especially of our own people more than anything else. We need to walk the talk. In addition, city pro…

Of Spices and Everything Thai

A lot of Thai restaurants came and went but only one stood strong and filled Cebuano bellies with nothing more but the AUTHENTIC cuisine, an experience like no other.

Siam Restaurant, located in Ayala Center Cebu Terraces, has been sizzling dishes to satisfy Cebu’s picky appetite with ingredients shipped all the way from Thailand. They also boast of flying a Thai chef in every branch they have all over the country for the sole purpose of serving nothing but the best of Thai gastronomy. 

The palatable spices, the chic contemporary bright interior, the preparation of ingredients, cooking, up until garnishing, you will have a  delightful experience of bringing yourself, family or loved one all the way to Thailand without even boarding a plane.

Siam never failed to make my first time experience the best one ever and I was honored to meet the proprietor, Mr. Anthony Ballreich, and learned how things were put together to realize one simple dream: for Cebuanos to enjoy the best genuine Thai foo…

Those Little Hands for Huge Community Development

Real life challenges and problems take place outside the four corners of the classroom.
Eighty one high school and college students who are scholars of the sixth season of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) face some of them when they embarked on a three-day immersion last month in participating local government units (LGUs) in Metro Cebu to assess the liveability and sustainability of the areas last month.
For Gail Villacorta, 17, a college student of Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), her immersion in Cordova exposed her to the challenges of unpredictable weather and to an environment entirely different to what she is regularly used to.
“There were times that we were hours under the heat of the sun. We were also afraid to walk along the unfamiliar streets of the area. There were many things running on our minds that time. There were instances that we were hesitant to approach residents. It was really a challenge for us to deal with the weather and to adapt to a new environmen…

New Art Exhibit to Inspire Cebuanos with New Beginnings

Qube Gallery launched through exhibit “Sinugdanan”Artists and art advocates who have banded together for a common cause are set to launch the Qube Gallery through an art exhibit entitled “Sinugdanan” (Cebuano term meaning “New Beginnings”) 

It will be on October 18, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Rizal Museum along OsmeƱa Boulevard the exhibit will run up to October 30, 2012.  

The exhibit will be open to the public 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday during the exhibit period.

Featured in “Sinugdanan” is a vibrant mix of realist and modernist paintings by Qube Gallery artists Jose “Kimsoy” Yap, Celso Duazo Pepito, Vidal Alcoseba, Darby Alcoseba, Josua Cabrera, Felix Catarata, Ariel Caratao, Derek Cabatingan, Gigi Ocampo, John Dinglasa, Joseph Ong, Marvin Chito Natural, Melver Mercado, Nomar Miano, Jess Najarro, Ian Quiros and Bobby Guardiario.  Assisting them will be Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong, Gallery Partner Jo Ann M. Lim and Gallery Manager April May Tudtud-Ra…

Awesomeness Behind The Port Cebu's Reopening

Being first one to go in and last one to go out at night, the Chief Operations Officer of Port Restaurant learned the tricks of the trade the harsh way all the while battling with high expectations and challenging attitudes from foreign colleagues. 

Ms. Evangeline Hayco, was the restaurant manager at Boston, USA and is a graduate of BA in International Hotel Restaurant Management in Switzerland before she went back home in Cebu to rebuild the buffet empire that is The Port.

Evangeline shared, "Les Roches prepared me for the international atmosphere at my workplace, and graduating with honors really helped me gain an edge when I applied for the competitive managerial position at Henrietta’s.  "In particular, my coursework in Hotel Design and my varied experiences at Les Roches enabled me to understand more operational techniques and concepts."

Evangeline is now back in her hometown Cebu to help run family-owned business and under her lead, The Port is undergoing a renovat…