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Thor opens on IMAX April 29

Tomorrow night, SM will hold a special screening of one of the most anticipated film on IMAX, Thor, and yours truly will grace the event. You can reserve now and watch it on April 29. Please call (032) 231-3876 / 231-4852 and look for April or Joseph. You can also secure your tickets through their website at and pay thru GCash.

Thor is movie about the powerful but arrogant warrior. Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Chris Hemsworth of StarTrek will be playing Thor and Natalie Portman of the Black Swan will be playing Jane Foster. The movie is expected to blow you out of your seats as this cinematic masterpiece will bring together technology and literature seamlessly binded together.

How to Design Medical Web Sites

Good day everyone! We've had our long Holy Week breaks and we are back to our workplaces. What I am going to share to you now are some guidelines in designing medical sites or anything similar. I have been training myself with this design discipline and as always we should put into mind clean and sleek design objectives for these types of projects. Study design briefs and communicate with your clients. Ask as many questions as possible and some times, follow and break design rules which ever is necessary. Creativity is key. Skill comes second. For most of the text effects, I am using awesome letterpress effects which means adding gradient overlays, inner shadows, and white drop shadows. And remember to group your layers. It should come in handy and to make it easy to slice it up for XHTML/CSS conversion.

The Hero Within Mr. Lapu-lapu 2011 Winners

There are a lot of pageants in the country but rarely does one focus on heroism and this is the theme of the first ever Mr. Lapu-lapu 2011.The title bearer is supposed to showcase the very same elements that made the namesake the hero he is today.Aside from the looks and brains that they all possess, they also have to be very aware of the conditions and issues of the barangays they represent.In fact, the contestants were called as "warriors."

What was also interesting to note is that the competition had lasted around six months from the screening up to the activities that they all have undergone. From outreach programs, to Adventure races, to outings at resorts and to numerous creative photo shoots with the island's best photographers with concepts ranging from close-ups, laid back shirtless, military to fireman themes.

I was very much blessed to have been invited by the organizers and the Lapu-lapu City Government along with other Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) memb…

Join World Blogger's Day Celebration in Cebu

You are all invited to join
World Bloggers' Day - Cebu on May 02, 1PM to 6PM
at 6th Floor, Plenary Hall, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., 35 Lopez Jaena Street, Cebu City. 

Mr. Wilson Ng, Mr. Anthony Leuterio, and Yahoo! Philippines Executives are our special speakers and guests.  Marlone de Guzman is our sponsor speaker and Bert Padilla, our fellow CBSi member, will talk about Blogging & Money Making.
Kindly confirm your attendance by responding to the RSVP by visiting the link below.

Please reconfirm you attendance by signing up on the registration spreadsheet.

Programme Flow -
Venue Location -

Photo by Jeannie Kays

Web Design Tips from Jaysee Blabs

Been doing a lot of web design training lately and I was challenged to create my own design for a finished project at the office. And these are the first three pages that I have created through Photoshop CS5 as a graphic artist.I would like to impart some knowledge about webpage designing for you guys:
Put everything within the 960 widthLimit colors to a color scheme that may be derived from the logo or you could base it on Color Psychology rulesThree layered background looks good on business sitesStudy Web 2.0 design conceptsUse shapes and master the pen toolIn resizing shapes, don't use the Transform tool but instead master how to resize through subpoints to prevent pixelationsDon't obsess over Lorem IpsumSingle pixel strokes for your shapes create a cleaner effectLimit font use to a maximum of threeWeb safe fonts only for paragraphSpecial fonts for headings onlyStylize web forms but don't overkillDon't oversize your headers and optimize screen real estateMain call to…

Why Run to Plant?

RAFI organizes Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines

Putting its GREENIN Philippines Program’s advocacies into action, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) will hold “Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines” on June 25 in commemoration of the Philippine Environment Month and World Environment Day in June. Registration is FREE.

The run and plant event is organized in collaboration with the Cebu Provincial Government, local government units, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and various government institutions and corporate groups.

The Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines is linked with the expanded Green and Wholesome Environment that Nurtures (eGWEN) Our Cebu Program’s environmental protection and enhancement component. eGwen Our Cebu Program is a joint development program of the Province of Cebu and RAFI with the aim of making Cebu an ideal place to live, work, play, invest and do business.

“The event has two segments, the running and the planting.This event is an approac…

Webpage Micro-site Mockup by Jaysee Blabs

Today I started working officially as a web designer at WebXpress Inc. and I started training under the company's artist extraordinaire Ate Franny. She asked me to create my own version for a homepage design for a finished project which I will post soon. But anyway, it makes me smile to look back at the steps that led me from being an intern to a full fledged employee.

This the mediocre microsite homepage design I made through Photoshop the day before I had my PSD design test at work as I formally applied as a web designer. I got the inspiration from my colorful experience at the Emerging Pinoy Leader's Congress of RAFI.

This is the final entry I submitted as an applicant and though my Lola Nita never bakes, she became my inspiration for this microsite. And as you might have guessed I was craving for some moist chocolate cake when I made this.

What Leadership Should Be All About | S-Leadership: The Potter’s Way Part 1

This is the first part of series regarding S-Leadership: The Potter’s Way Seminar.

As a scholar of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.’s Young Minds Academy, my team and I underwent a great seminar dubbed as “S Leadership: The Potter’s Way.” The moment I first heard it during the announcement of our list of activities, I was curious to my nails as to how would pottery play a big role in all of this.And so we all gathered at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center to meet who could be one of the best motivational speakers in the country.

Meet Ms. Selene Yu, a small lady with the biggest insights to date. Trust me. The two day seminar that we had last March 19 to 20 under her didn’t have any dead air and every line that she spoke is very quotable and what was interesting was that she never got tired talking and kept amused all day. Her excellence in communication skills also added to the upscale our experience as well. 

Her professional achievements are just…