My Internship Story

I am not new to working as I first tasted the real world at 18 when I worked as a part-time call center agent at dawn. But little did I know that there is more to learn than just jobs, careers, taxes, financial management, professionalism and all things business in the years that followed.

Internships are supposed to prepare us through monitoring and evaluation before we get hired. And I was lucky enough to undergo the best trainings for an IT student.  

We were looking around for companies who could accommodate OJTs like me which was hard because we have to travel from one company to another.

That is why it gives us so much joy when we got hired on the spot at the Cebu City Hall. We started with the IT Department where I learned a lot about Joomla and Content Management Systems, while my fellow AMA friends learned about System Analysis and Design. It was really great to have contributed to the rebranding of Cebu City’s Official Website under Ma’am Mauie’s supervision. The department also named as Management Information and Computer Services (MICS) became a great stepping stone into testing academic IT theories or the application of the college lessons.

It was only a matter of time where I got hired at another company and this time in IT Park which is WebXpress Cebu Inc. What made it exciting was the application process. We all had to take this written exam and I got another test which was to write codes on the white board and then have a hands-on by designing, cutting and implementing a microsite before ending up at the final interview. Web designing and development is my dream job and I realized it fully at this company, while at the same time found new friends along the way. What also makes the job rewarding is that we always have parties, blowouts and company sponsored trainings and team buildings.

These experiences made my life more exciting with more reasons to wake up another day which I think should be the mindset of everyone working.

Satisfaction and contentment with what you do is what matters most at the end of the day. Being in a lot workplaces will make you realize that there are so many gifted individuals that you can only aspire to become. What could make you stand out though is how you work and how you deal with people. 

As I once posted as my Skype status, “I may not be the best, but I’m the best guy to work with.”

This is the introduction that will be included in my OJT book as part of my requirements for graduation.

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