Chef Angie and the heavenly dishes of Batch 28

We all love food but not all of us have the ability to craft the finest dishes. When you love something then do whatever it takes to reach and shine. That is what exactly my friend, Angie did when she left three years of computer college for Culinary in Most Institute in Mandaue City. 

Being part of the Pre-Valentine’s Dinner of their batch gave me an insider’s look on events organizing and the action that happens in kitchens.

They were the batch that had the least number of students and to cater to 60 and more people  was such a burden for them. They were originally ten but then some of them have not continued their education for various reasons until only seven emerged in the end. This Pre-Valentine’s Dinner is part of their kitchen simulation, a culmination of every thing that they have learned for the past 6 months of rigorous kitchen work.

angie in kitchen

Chef Angie in kitchen

I could so remember Angie visiting us in school with hands that suffers burns and cuts. Seeing her personally on action as they prepare the ingredients at the school kitchen before taking it to the venue for plating is the proudest moment of my life even if I am not her biological father.

Most Institute Batch 28 in the kitchen

Batch 28 in the kitch

She looked haggard but nonetheless very happy with what they were doing. They all were. Their batch was very amazing from the start. Different personalities and ideals but working together seamlessly to make things happen. In addition, TLC was a very beautiful venue and all the money that they have spent for the place was never put to waste. The food that they have prepared dish after dish was awesome. They had named their test restaurant Delicieux which is supposed to mean ‘delicious.’ How they named their dishes were interesting too and you will soon find out. From the temperature of the dishes especially the soup from which they are very particular with to how they plated the dishes, how they prep and chop the ingredients, they were very consistent and the taste will never disappoint you. They were practically works of art.

Brace yourself as I present you loads of food photos that will surely make you salivate to death:

Evaluation with Chef Bryan

Evaluation with Chef Evan

Presentation of Batch 28

Asian European Fusion Menu
Most Institute Batch 28
Lover’s Delight
Chicken liver in crostini and stuffed tomato

Delectable Romance
Asian minestrone, vegetables, shitake mushroom, bow tie pasta and chicken soup

Heart’s Desire
cabbage, lettuce, jicamas, grapes, crabsticks, orange, balsamic vinegar dressing, pineapples

Heaven’s Embrace
fish with mushroom roulade in cream, butter and garlic sauce,Primavera pasta

Divine Satisfaction
honey pear granita with sake and mint

Eternal Passion
grilled porkloins in spicy orange sauce
pommes aux gratin dophinoise
asparagus wrapped in bacon

Sweet Remembrance
coconut-banana profiterole with chocolate sauce and strawberry dipped in chocolate ganash

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