Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) turns 3

So much had happened with my stay in CBSi and I haven’t turned a year with them yet. That gives me so much things to look forward to as the most organized blogging institution in the country is about to turn three years old. 

I could so remember how meek and shy I was at the orientation, as I am always for every new set of colleagues to work with. That might’ve given them the impression that either I am really that shy or that I am snobbish. One thing was for sure though, I think I won’t be able to mingle with them just as well because they seem to be well off. Thing is, they are actually down to earth people who are humorous and quirky but most of all smart. Char.

So it gives me so much pleasure that my application was approved and I finally made it on the organization that most people can only hope to be member of. It was an organization that sets standards and takes it to heart. 

CBSi has opened a lot of opportunities for me while at the same time made me meet a lot of great people.

Bumps might have come our way but it had only made us stronger.

CBSi has changed everything in life and I am thankful that I am once again part of a great milestone for the organization as we are about to relish the fruitful and pretty awesome years that we have spent and will be spending.

The org was officially founded on February 14 but we have to give way to the plans of the members so we had set a new date. We will be spending our CBSi 3rd Anniversary Party at the Pagcor, Parkmall Cebu tomorrow evening, February 19, 2011.

About the banner design

I was tasked to make a banner for the event and I was instructed to make it fresh with touches of green and orange but since I had the creative freedom I decided to give it a very grungy feel that had a green color scheme to show what I envision the org. I see that we are composed of mostly tough people so grunge effects represent how people stand on their respective ideals and the green symbolizes how fresh and vibrant we are. The words “stronger, better and amazing” could be read behind the typeface of the org name to show that we are backed with values that make us stand out all these years.

Cheers for a more fruitful, vibrant and stronger CBSi!

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