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Best Sims 3 Contemporary Home by the Sea

Everyone dreams of having a home of their own all the more if it is as beautiful as you have envisioned it to be. I want mine modern, spacious, contemporary pretty much what you'll see below. Being built by the sea is a big plus. Pool and garden is another to-check on the list. That’s why I’m so excited to show you screens from my game play in the Sims 3 featuring a quirky home where I placed premade characters, The Wolfe Family, to live in.

Create #awesome Fake Tilt Shift Photography using Photoshop

I saw this type of photography over the net where you set your camera to produce shots that gives the illusion that you are taking photos of miniature objects. My first camera is my Nokia feature phone and I decided to have fun with the photos I took. After searching far and wide I have come to know that you can actually create fake tilt shift photographs using Photoshop.

Learn how to do it here:

Here are my final outputs. Enjoy!

Two of our cats Bianca and Tyronne…

SM Cebu Parking Area view from Powerbooks bookstore…

Sceneries a bike away from home…

MEPZ power lines view from my dad’s office…

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AMA Hi Skul Idol 2010 Cebu Leg Rocks!

AMA Education System launched a marketing program championing great youthful talents across the country by holding a nationwide dance competition among high school students with grand prizes amounting to half a million with full college scholarship at any AMAES school of their choice.

We, AMA students, were asked to attend the Cebu Leg at the Ayala Activity Center last February 13, 2010. The program was basically divided into three main batches. 4 teams for the first two batches and 6 teams for the third batch. And after each batch, teams battle it out and get it down and dirty at the dance showdown while judges crunches the numbers out.

Overall, the first 2 batches were entertaining at best to the point you could ask yourself where have all this talent come from all this time and where do deserving yet losing teams go after all this. Stunts, lights, choreography, concept, props and musicality. It was a definitely a night to behold with the heat of the competition taking off.

AVP in…

Hugz and Itlog! My friend’s teddies!

It’s never too late for Valentines as it could happen every single day of our lives and to exploit that is the presence of two teddies in school last Feb 15. What else to do on break time but take snaps of these cute critters!Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our dog died today, he will be missed

Meet Taghoy. In our vernacular, it means “whistle” which is pretty much the opposite of what he does. He barks like he could chomp you whole that is why it is no secret that our place is the safest in his prime days.

But then things turned around weeks before when we suddenly noticed the abrupt change in behavior. He grew weaker with each day and with it the weird enlargement of his tummy. We had a vet do a house visit and he recommended an anti-biotic but Taghoy was already too far off for the treatment to be effective. ‘Twas then we knew he was suffering from Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or commonly known as a bloat.
How or Why Does This Occur? “We really do not know the answer to either of those questions.  Original theories suggested that it occurred: when a dog ate a large meal of dry food and then drank a lot of water. The water caused the dry food to swell. At the same time, the dog was supposed to be engaged in strenuous exercise that included running and jumping.  That result…

Gibo’s Credentials Part 2: Manila Standard Today Report

By Fel V. Maragay

[Gilberto] Teodoro, a bar topnotcher and master of laws holder from Harvard University, believes he has the credentials and leadership qualities needed to unify the Filipinos and steer the country on the path of peace and prosperity.
“I can give a lot of balance to things. I can look at things in perspective. I know the long-term structure and institutional requirements of the country.
And perhaps because of my experience of being in both the opposition and the administration, I have the quality of making people work together.
I have credibility with a lot of people of diverse political persuasions,” he told staff members of another daily.

After passing the bar, Teodoro worked as a lawyer with the law office of former Justice Secretary Estelito Mendoza. He served as congressman of Tarlac for three consecutive terms. It was a measure of his leadership that he became chairman of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and head of the party’s contingent in the House of Repre…

Gibo’s Credentials Part 1: Manila Standard Today Report

By Fel V. Maragay
If the country’s president were elected by participants in political forums, Lakas-Kampi standard bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, Jr. would emerge as the runaway winner.
Teodoro has been wowing the audiences in the live debates with his rivals in the presidential derby organized by various groups.
At 46, he is the youngest among the front running presidential contenders.

He has stood out in every forum because of his wit, intelligence, deep grasp of issues, eloquence and vision of governance. He is also perceived as a man of integrity who has never been linked to any scandal in government.
As a public servant, Teodoro earned a reputation for frugality and prudence in the use of resources. He imbibed this virtue from the examples of his father, the late Gilberto Teodoro Sr. who, as administrator of the Social Security System, safeguarded the funds and assets of the SSS with unequaled zeal and was the only official of the Marcos authoritarian regime who resisted the a…

What are the chances of Gilberto Gibo Teodoro winning?

By Manny Mogato
MANILA - The Philippines' former defense chief, Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro Jr, remains confident of catching up and even overtaking the frontrunners in the race for the presidency in May, banking on the administration's vast network and resources.
Here are some questions and answers on Teodoro and his prospects:
HOW LIKELY IS TEODORO TO WIN?Difficult to say. Teodoro's rating remain poor, with the latest opinion surveys last month placing him a distant fourth in the field of 10 presidential candidates. He has a rating of 5 percent against 45 percent for the frontrunner Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, his cousin.
But analysts say it is too early to establish a trend four months away from the actual casting of ballots.
Some have said the presidential elections on May 10 could now be narrowed down to the top four candidates on the basis of their grassroots network, logistics and financial resources as well as immense popularity.
They also …